Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Mattress

Tonight I'll be on my new mattress, and my master plan worked. Marilyn was here and before she arrived I had taken off all the bed linen down to the empty mattress. The mattress was supposed to come between 12 and 4. When Marilyn was about to leave around 1:30, I told her my master plan had failed and just then the phone rang -- it was the mattress people who said they'd be there in five minutes so Marilyn stayed.

I asked her how much she thought I should tip -- and she said $5 or $10. I wanted to do a bit more so I sat back and said make sure they take all the plastic wrap with them -- sometimes that stuff is on so tight you can't get it off. So Marilyn supervised and decided they had earned $20, considering they had to navigate those two little flights of stairs to my bedroom.

I had paid $5.99 (really, that was the price) for old mattress removal and out the old one went. A while ago, I had spilled Raspberry Crystal Light on my bed so it looked like the loveliest color blood stain. It was good to see that nasty thing go.

The two delivery guys, seeing my bathroom by the kitchen, asked if they could use it. I said of course and they were very grateful for that. One of them said "thank you so, so, so, so much" -- so this is a nice treat.


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Amy Laboda said...

Nothing like the feel of a new mattress and clean sheets. Enjoy!

Barbara said...

Good night, sleep tight!

Stancie said...

Our christmas gift to us was a new mattress. The salesman said we should count on two to three weeks to adjust. It was instant love. Twenty four years was too much to ask from a mattress:)

Lucy Barton said...
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Jeff DuBois said...

So, how is it like sleeping on your new mattress? It’s nice that the mattress people can take away your old mattress for a nice price as well. I do agree that having to manage that mattress on those stairs will definitely deserve a hefty tip. Haha! Anyway, if you’re looking for a mattress in the future, you can check this out: Mattress Magic. They have some nice selections over there.

Jeff DuBois