Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Treats

Barbara came over for lunch today and she arrived bearing a gift from my local bakery where I get my (ahem) home-made Christmas cookies. This is Glaser's bakery, untouched by renovation since 1902. Still has the tile floor (tiny white tiles), still has the wooden display cases with an open kitchen/bakery in the back. Generations of people have gotten their birthday cakes here. The help wear white dresses and they tie your baked goods up using that red and white thin string that hangs from a holder above them.

If possible, these cookies were better than the Christmas ones. I had to move the box out of reach or I would have gobbled up the whole thing. I was thinking how much I love getting little presents like this -- not just cookies, but just small thoughtful makes-life-better giftrs. Thanks, Barbara. Hey, and she took out my garbage on the way out! That's a good friend! Cookies and garbage removal?? Wow.

Read Barbara's comment here and these are the cookies she got today for herself. There's something about that egg wash that is just so good. Just old-fashioned, wonderful cookies.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those cookies look soooo good.


Barbara said...

Since I had to catch the bus on 1st avenue ANYWAY, I decided to stop at Glaser's after I left your place and bought some cookies to take home too!