Friday, December 20, 2013

Thursday's Christmas Party

Amy and Nancy came to town to have our annual Christmas get-together. Later they went to see Twelfth Night put on by the Royal Shakespeare Company. We exchange small gifts and I found these neat books called "No Fear Shakespeare" and they take the play page by page and "translate" it into present day language. The left hand page is the original words and the right-hand is the translation. Some of it is funny --- for example, there'd be some fancy admonition on the Shakespeare side and the right hand side would read "what the hell are you talking about?"

I was so impressed with these books that I went to Amazon and ordered one for myself -- I ordered
"Much Ado About Nothing" -- because it's a phrase I use and I know nothing about the play. I got it used ("nearly new") for one penny and then $3.99 for shipping. I really hope this will help me understand the plays more as I want to but just can't get through them.

On the menu was sesame chicken, brown rice, dumplings and then Christmas cookies that Amy baked. Here are the girls showing off their flashing Christmas necklaces and their books:

Amy (left) and Nancy show off their key to understanding Twelfth Night.

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