Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mary's Spa Weekend

For her Christmas present, Mary's sister took her to a spa weekend. One of the treatments she was supposed to get -- which I got about 20 years ago and loved -- is a salt body rub. I remember lying totally naked on this tile slab in a tile room. The woman had those huge black rubber gloves on and a white outfit. She would take a big handfull of rock salt and rub it all over me. It hurt in that sort of pleasant way -- like you knew it was taking off every last dead skin cell. Then she took this big hose and hosed me down so all the salt was off, followed by skin lotion. My skin was like butt-ah... OMG, I loved that.

So Mary can correct me if I'm wrong. She says that this is the view to the porch:

This is one of several historical photos from the area hanging in the lobby. I wonder if Ike and Mamie got a couples massage:

Fran likes big, old trees. So Mary took this shot of the tree for Fran which was outside their breakfast room window. Where's the photo of the pancakes? French toast? bacon?
These are out of order, so this is when Mary and Judy were leaving Judy's and trying to beat the storm out of town, just like I was a week ago. And the first picture below is the spa/hotel.


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