Saturday, December 28, 2013

Official Life Decision

I was catching up with a stack of mail today and one of the pieces was from a class-action law suit over World Comm stock that I swear has been going on since 2006. I dutifully filled out the forms; over the years, I'd be notified and as I opened this envelope and took the piece of paper out, I could see by the peforations that a check is attached. Or maybe I can just smell checks when they arrive!

Wowsa, I am now $10.54 cents richer. But it's not even that -- because it's from my retirement account, I have to deposit it there which means mailing it to my broker with a letter.

I stopped filling out the forms two or three years ago -- but this check today convinced me I will do it no longer... well, maybe that I will do it no longer GUILT FREE.

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Melissa said...

I always wondered about those things....I have been so inconsistent about filling them out I figured that's why I never got a check...good to know I did not likely miss a big windfall !