Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stephanie's Pics

Here are Stephanie and her husband Danny at the Knights of Columbus Christmas party, followed by Kali, the calico cat. I don't know if this is a typical resting place for her.

Love the purple with Stephanie's aurburn hair. I believe this is in Tampa somewhere.

The happy couple at the ball.

And the belle of the ball -- Ms. Kali


Melissa said...

Love the cat in the bowl :)... Maybe there's a new book title there somewhere. Most defiantly the purple looks great on Stephanie with her pretty red hair!

Barbara said...

Kali knows that she matches the bathroom decor.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Melissa and Pat. The Christmas Ball was local. It was at The Charlotte Yacht Club....very beautiful surroundings. Even Santa Claus was there. He was giving out candy canes for a donation to The St. Vincent de Paul Society which feed the poor. We actually bring non perishable food items on Sundays if we want. It is a great Society...no one gets paid, only volunteers. This year, we had 2 rooms of gifts for the children, all donated. There were atleast 10 donated new bikes. everything new. I brought 5 teddy bears. They were only one dollar each at Dollar Tree.


Anonymous said...

I forgot. Kali only lays in my sink when I am trying to use it!

mary said...

Of course, it isn't fun if it doesn't interfere!