Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Photos

I had this photo left over in my camera. This is a luggage holder in Mary's guestroom which doubles as a nap place for Milo. This thing folds up and I think he likes that it's about 9/10ths open which makes a slightly saggy bed for him that he must like.

Had lunch with Russell today -- an annual Christmas lunch we've had since the 1980s. He is always willing to come to my neighborhood and I am always willing to say OK. The restaurant (Sotto Cinque) looked really pretty decorated. Rusell had a chicken ceasar salad and I had pasta with portobello mushrooms.  Since Russell is a world-class photographer, I didn't want to embarrass myself by asking him if I could photograph his salad.
What's good for me is that I can cut through a parking garage to get to the restaurant which is on the next block. The parking garage has an opening on 87th St (my street) and 86th St (where the restaurant is). I've never seen a garage so decorated for the holidays. Here's the office with all religions covered.

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