Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Big Bargain

I am not really a shopper -- would never go shopping just "for fun" -- but I do like a good bargain. Today, I got an email from the Book of the Month Club that in honor of today's 12-12-12 date, all books were $12 with free shipping.

There was a book I had given as a gift that, once I saw it, I was tempted to keep so I had planned to buy that one. Then I found one more, now up to $24 for two books. The first one was something like $40 with a Book of the Month Club price of $32. I don't remember the original price of the other.

Then I saw this coffee table book which I'd been eyeing for a few months -- a $50 book which I didn't want fifty dollars worth, but I sure do want $12 worth so I bought that and then thought of someone who would enjoy this coffee table book as a gift so I bought two.

So I got four books, totaling about $165 for $48. No shipping and handling, but I did have to pay tax which pushed it over $50 total and that disappointed me a bit.

I feel like I got the most I possibly could out of that offer and know I will enjoy the books.

I also need a new mattress cover, some new sheets, but I'm waiting until after Christmas for that so I can get an equally good bargain.

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