Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scattered Thoughts

Least Glamorous Purchase: Is there anything more boring than buying a new mattress pad? When I washed mine this past week, I noticed it's getting a bit raggety. Gee, it's only a dozen or so years old. I've just  bought a new one on eBay. Prices ranged from $19 on up to $150. I ended up with one for $39.95, but I got free shipping.

Daily Annoyance:  Christian Mingle TV ads which try to convince the Christian singles that God himself (or herself) is picking your date for you. Their tagline is "Discover God's match for you." Seems really seedy and predatory.

Daily Annoyance #2: Local media teasing with dire headlines so that you are sure to tune in at 6 or 11. "This everyday object in your kitchen could be killing you -- find out what it is at 6" or "Winter storm headed our way -- we'll tell you how much of the white stuff we'll get at 11" Christmas foods that kill you. How your pet could get injured by a vacuum cleaner -- all sort of trumped up tragedies.

Cheap thrill: Is there anything better than getting up to go to the bathroom in the early, early morning and knowing you can crawl back under the covers? I always give a mental shoutout to those people who have to take the early bus to work or cook breakfast for their families when they're exhausted.

I am officially addicted to a computer Mahjong puzzle game. Really. No, really. I'm not kidding. Really.


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Melissa said...

Okay... What is the puzzle game!?? I have to know!!! Yes, it's funny you pointed out that feeling of crawling back in bed.... I have done that at least half dozen time through these holidays... And I gave a shout out to all those who are so busy during the holidays that they can't do it! I love having time to myself...the best Christmas present ever!