Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Pictures

This is the White Christmas in Pottsville which didn't last long. We had no snow in NY, but lots of rain and heavy wind.

This is Gwenyth on the little bike that Mary gave her. She didn't quite get it; didn't realize she should sit down on it.

This is McKenzie who went with Mary's sister Judy to a nursing home to sing Christmas carols for the residents.

COMING SOON: Maybe tonight even. Meredith is photographing dinner at her mother's house. It's turducken, spinach, corn on the cob, bread and then some sort of Eastern Shore (Maryland) cake of many layers that Michelle ordered on the Internet. 

These are my sister Mary Elizabeth's children. Charolotte is in the center, and Clark and Louisa on either side are twins.


Melissa said...

Those kids are so cute!!!!!

Mary Mc said...

I can see you in Charlotte and Mary Elizabeth in Louisa. They are pretty children.

I don't understand Turducken so I'm looking forward to pictures. I haven't figured out why you would want to cook/eat that...