Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Always Something

This is Mary's half-decorated tree. It's half decorated because the staircase to her attic (one of those pull-down ladder type deals) broke and so the ornaments are still in the attic. As we say, "It's always something." My "always something" today was my manicurist frantically called me to say she lost the check I gave her. She felt terrible about it. I really don't care -- she didn't do it on purpose and so I have stopped payment on it just in case. She told me she'd pay for any bank fees. I don't really mind paying that either -- I never want to be that mean-spirited, but I was thinking she may feel better paying the fee -- I think I would, that I'd somehow done my pennance.

So today I had an embarrassment of help. Marilyn came for her twice-monthly visit and she remains the hardest working and most pleasant person around. She is just a pleasure and we enjoy each other's company. For me, it's an opportunity to not have to do everything myself and that's a treat. Meanwhile, Ray the wayward handyman, turned up after months of absence to say he had today off and wanted to clean my garden for the winter.

I had  bought cushions for that furniture three or four years ago and as much as I still think of it as "nearly new" it was time for it to go. So Ray hauled all those cushions out, made the yard look so clean and barren, but barren in a nice way. He had saved my white painted sticks from last year and they were still good so they're back up for the winter. I'll take some photos over the next few days.

So then he leaves and my manicurist arrives and I had a mani-pedi and waxing. I was contemplating the different types of pain when she has waxed and then is going after the strays with a tweezer. The little tiny hairs hurt in one way, but then there's a sort of pleasant feeling when she's tugging at what feels like a thick one coming out. The pain of it's being pulled out is balanced by knowing that hair is gone. After she finishes hunting and pulling, she puts on the most soothing cool lotion.

Tomorrow it's back to reality, except I do have an annual Christmas lunch with an old friend so it won't be a totally dull day.

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Anonymous said...

Mary's tree looks lovely as is.