Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Anecdotes

Send some travel angels to watch over Melissa on her trip which started badly today. She was putting her computer bag in the overhead compartment and it somehow fell out, hit her in the face, broke her prescription glasses and she thinks gave her a black eye (literally, not metaphorically). The flight attendant was able to fix her glasses, and she does have others with her. Not a good start.

Speaking of glasses, another weird incident. On Tuesday night, there was a pair of sunglasses on a footstool in my living room which I'd never seen before. I emailed Marilyn saying maybe she left them, but she hadn't. Today my cleaning woman was here, and I showed them to her and she did something totally out of character. She said to me that they were men's glasses but they don't belong here because, "Patreesha, you have no man" and then she laughed. Ok, true enough. But I do have a handyman who was here this week so maybe they are his, although they really don't seem his style.

Instead of going out for lunch while Ana cleaned, I stayed in and ordered from my favorite Chinese restaurant who have this great lunch deal. For $8.50, you get an entree (I got sesame chicken), a big serving of rice (I got brown; I've been craving brown rice recently); two pork dumplings and a non-Chinese salad. A great lunch deal. And I spent an extra dollar and got some soup. It really was good. And a fortune cookie. My fortune made no sense. I think it was a typo or something or had a dropped word or a bad translation or something -- so my future is confused.

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