Sunday, May 20, 2012

Almost Home

I really could have gone all the way home today as I got to the hotel at 4 and I'm two hours away, but I didn't. My knee was beginning to hurt having been in the same position for seven hours and I'd sort of had it. There is no reason whatsoever why I need to be home tonight. In fact, I probably would have faced tremendous weekend traffic. One nice thing is that Ray the Handyman was supposed to finish my garden while I was gone so I'm looking forward to seeing that.

So here are the highlights of today's trip from Medina, Ohio, to Allentown, Pennsylvania:

So I remain fascinated by the drive-thru check in which also means drive-thru check out which makes for an easy departure.

Here's drive-thru check out and you can see the bank-teller style window on the left.

This is a fairly typical view for most of the day today -- Northern Ohio and Pennsylvania are much hillier than Southern Ohio -- very pretty, although a bunch of road kill, mainly deer.

Rolling east toward New York,

There were three basic wildflowers. A white bushy plant; these purple flowers and then the yellow ones I had seen yesterday. They really do look pretty as you drive along. When I had stopped in one of those truck travel stops on the way here, an employee had put a bunch of the purple flowers in the women's restroom and I was thinking how most bosses, I think, don't appreciate how much care the average worker bee brings to their job.

This is to show the yellow wildflowers along the road.

This one is for Mary -- this is right by the exit you'd take for the town where Mary grew up.

My room for tonight -- the view from the bed. Tomorrow I'll be home by late morning. My one regret for not going home is that this hotel doesn't have AMC so I'll miss Mad Men tonight, but I'll be able to see it during the week.


Mary MC said...

what road were you on where there was a State College exit? 80?

Pat said...

Yes, it was Route 80 and the exit is for State College via Bellefont.