Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not Much to Say

I haven't posted anything because I don't have anything particular to say -- just life as usual with no bumps or lumps which I suppose is good. Plus spring seems to have gone away and I need the energy of warm sunny days -- maybe this weekend.

To show you how dull my life has been, the highlight is that I bought a new down comforter last week. Mine was probably more than 5 years old, I'd never had it cleaned, so it was probably crawling with all sorts of nasty organisms. Out it went.

I remember reading something about don't be a snob about real down vs fake down and there was some reason why fake down was better -- couldn't remember why -- whether it was animal cruelty or allergic reactions -- I don't know, but I still went with the real down.
Then I went to eBay to look for a duvet cover. I have two which I alternate and one of then really gave up the ghost. All the buttons were gone and the material was so thin from being laundered. There was one duvet cover I liked with like 14 minutes to go, no bids, and of course the obsessed part of me wanted to check out all 4,594 queen size duvet covers, before I placed a bid, but I didn't. Made a bid, won it, paid for it and it arrived today. Very fast, faster than a catalog. So tomorrow when Ana comes, I'll have clean sheets with a brand new duvet cover on a week-old down comforter. Really, is there anything more refreshing than a clean bed?

One other little anecdote -- I was interviewing someone yesterday and he pronounced the word anathema as anna-theme-ah -- and it took me a few seconds to realize what he was saying and then to wonder if I'd been pronouncing it wrong all these years. I remember a boss I had -- an old-school preppy Yale guy -- who pronounced bonafide as bone-ah-fee-day.

But in the case of anathema, I was right. No mice, no fights with customer service, just plodding along.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tidbits. I missed them.


Melissa said...

Me too :). You've spoiled us!

Barbara said...

Me 3!
I have lots of "reading vocabulary" words like that - I used to feel embarrassed when someone corrected me, but these days I'm glad to know the words at all.