Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Since Stephanie asked....

This was from the hotel in Pennsylvania when I was leaving to go get dinner. It was about 7:30 and this pool looked so inviting and refreshing that I really felt like jumping in.

This is my car -- a Ford Escape which they called an SUV, but it's a mini SUV and I like it. Maryland license plates. I have to laugh at my bad parking job but I wasn't careful since there were no other cars around.. In fact, I often think of my mother when parking as she always had us, as children, opening the door to see how far away the curb was or seeing if she was in the middle of the lines. I should have looked, but it doesn't matter.

OK, this is not really a great shot, but there were two big semi trucks which were mobile displays for Pennsylvania's involvement in the Civil War -- this being the 150th anniversary year. I guess these trucks drive around to schools and it made me want to see the displays inside.

Another bad photo, but I took this while driving and while making a right-hand turn. I took this because I love how absolutely huge the signs were indicating the entrance to the Pennsyvlania Turnpike. These signs were so outsized that they made me laugh, while apreciating them at the same time. You couldn't miss this sign! (It's the green sign at the bottom of the photo in the middle -- probably 8 feet high.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos. The first one is beautiful and I admire the beautiful blue sky in the others. I really do like looking at scenic photos.

I got my insurance clearance this afternoon. I have a preliminary appointment on Monday and then we will make the appointments for the 3 radiation treatments.

Drive safely.........Stephanie

fran said...

Great to have your photos back, Ms. Pat. Missed the photo road show and riding along with you and enjoying the sights and sounds of the open road, speed bumps and all.
Be safe and have. Good trip, fran

Barbara said...


Pat said...

That's not what you told me at Gracie's Corner when you scarfed down your hot turkey sandwich while I inhaled my meat loaf. You told me that my road photos all looked alike. So I am trying harder to be diversified.