Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Greetings from Batavia, Ohio

This has been an uneventful trip while the East Coast was rocking and rolling. Here's some miscellaneous thoughts: When I put gas in the car, I noticed that the gas choices went premium, medium, regular which is (in my opinion) the reverse of what a normal pump is. I could see how easily it could be to accidentally choose premium. Also, this gas tank has no cap (on purpose, as a benefit). It wasn't that weird when I opened the little gas tank door, but it was when I put the hose back and my hand really wanted to put the gas tank cap on and there was none.

I had needed to buy nail polish remover, and in the three places I stopped today, in the little toiletry section there was none, so I ended up in a beauty supply store when I went out to get dinner and when I asked for it, the woman asked if I wanted acetone or non-acetone. I know I've noticed it before, but I said "non" for no particular reason -- I guess I felt one less chemical... but who would choose acetone?

I know I've written before about being dyslexic about what side door to go in at a hotel, and I noted I was a few doors down from Door C. When I came back from dinner and wanted to park near Door C, I drove to where I thought it was and it was Door A... I just drove around the hotel and found Door C but was entirely confused why it would be there.

So nothing much to report. I'm eyeing the progress of Hurricane Irene and hope I won't be driving into it when I return over the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Safe driving! If you have to, stay an extra day or two. Don't drive with the storm.

By the way, I miss your pictures.