Friday, August 19, 2011

Reality Show Nightmare

As many of you know, my taste is television shows, particularly reality tv, might be best characterized as low brow. I do have my standards: I don't do Jersey Shore or any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, but I do watch most of the Housewives shows, all the cooking competitions especially Gordon Ramsey screaming at people.

So I'm flipping around seeing what's on tonight. On my tv, you can press a button on the remote for INFO and it will tell you what show is on and its duration and you can forward to the next show's description and the next for about four hours in advance.

On Friday nights on Animal Planet, I had been watching the reality show "Whale Wars" about this group of environmentalists fighting the Japanese who are still whaling in the Southern Ocean by Anartica. But that show ended last week, when after seven years, the Japanese finally gave up and suspended their whaling activities for the season. 

Anyway, here's a show on Animal Planet I won't be watching tonight: It's an hour-long show called "Rat Busters NYC" and when I click a second time for info, it says, "It's raining rats. An infestation in Queens." Uh, no thanks.

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