Thursday, August 4, 2011

Normal Day

I have no interesting anecdotes to share. Today is Thursday, my day to go out and have lunch while my cleaning woman arrives. It really was a perfect summer day -- sunny, but not too warm.

So here are some normal views of my street on a normal day in August. This view above is from my steps looking toward First Avenue.

This is the view from my building's steps, to my favorite building across the street.

This is directly across the street, and it's a building which belongs to a church in the next block. It's a beautiful, old Episcopalian church, and if you see Charlotte's marriage in Sex and The City, it was filmed at this church. It is set off the street with beautiful gardens in front and a sign on the steps going up to the church that read ENTER, REST AND PRAY. In this church building, 12-step meetings are held. And since they are supposed to be anonymous, when there is a meeting, they ahng an old American Airlines logo sign on the door so you see AA in big letters.

This is the gymnasium complex for a private girls school so buses are typically loading and unloading during the day. When I first moved in, it was an empty lot and when construction started on this building, it unleashed herds of mice and there was a day when I caught five in my kitchen. You could see them everywhere -- literally hundreds of them all over. Thanks to my handyman Ray, I believe my mice have been shut out. Ever since he closed up every existing entry port for mice, I haven't seen one. That was about three months ago so I keep my fingers crossed.

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