Thursday, August 25, 2011

Returning Home

I'm going to work until 3 pm tomorrow and then be on my way. I couldn't remember where I stayed last time, or how long I drove... all I could remember is that it was the right amount of time. So I checked my American Express records on line and found the hotel and where it is so I'll try to get a room there for tomorrow night.

Then the plan is to drive from this hotel on Saturday morning to Allentown, PA, which is about two hours from NYC. Then get up early on Sunday morning and come into the city. According to the lastest weather, the hurricane hits late afternoon. Of course, that all could change. What I'm hearing is wind to 50 mph in the city and rain so that's not too bad.

And I am prepared to just stay in Allentown. I feel as if driving for too long by myself is more dangerous than driving in heavy rain and wind on Sunday so I don't want to just push through on Saturday. It's too much when I'm alone.

So that's the plan. Subject to change without notice. Other than that, all is well.


Melissa said...

Drive safe my friend, and take your time!! Take no chances!

Fran said...

Be careful out there my friend. NY's been declared state of emergency, along with Md De, New Jersey and N.C. Depending on winds, elderly facilities, hospitals in low lying areas of NY (including Battery Park, Coney Island, Staten Island, Rockaways) told to start evacuating tonight. Up to about 250,000 people in low-lying areas could be ordered to evacuate tomorrow, Sat.. The entire NYC mass transit system could shut down staring Saturday afternoon. Bridges could be shut down, depending on wind velocity. Lots of people exiting city for higher ground. Not a good time to be on the road.
As they said on the cop show NYPD Blue, be careful out there -- and please keep us posted on your whereabouts when possible. -- Fran

Anonymous said...

Fran is right. The mayor is ordering all bridges, tunnels, subways and busses shut down at a specific time I think on Saturday. If I were you, I would plan on driving into N.Y. on Monday when the weather is sunny and bright. Better safe than sorry my friend! We all care about your safety.