Friday, September 3, 2010

Perils of Working Alone

I am basically content living alone and working alone, however, I sometimes miss having a colleague to yell a question to across the cubicle. I am compiling a first-person account (not mine) and came upon this sentence:

My job has allowed me to travel to 40 of the 50 United states and to four foreign countries.

I went back and forth about whether states should be capitalized. There are not 50 "United States" but there are 50 states within the United States. This is the water cooler discussion I would have if I had coworkers.

Feel free to pretend you're my coworker and weigh in with an opinion.


Barbara said...

If I ran across this sentence, I would call you and ask you what to do.

Barbara said...

But if you weren't home, I'd make the S capital.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Except, I'd probably rework the sentence a little bit maybe even going with "U.S. states"