Monday, September 20, 2010

Road Trip Revisited

I realized my last two trips were during the height of summer vacations, and it's a whole different scene now. In fact, when I stopped for lunch there was a virtual empty parking lot and a space right by the front door. I kept looking to make sure it wasn't a handicapped spot. The place was totally empty except for these guys.

Later, this family of Mennonites (I think) came in. The women had what you might call the Little House on the Prairie dresses down to their ankles and the white caps. They went to Burger King which strikes me as so anachronistic -- I expect them to open an old-fashioned picnic basket and take out fried chicken, a whole pie and drink lemonade out of a mason jar.

I don't know much about Mennonites -- I should read up. I remember Mary reminding me that this girl we went to college with from Gettysburg was a Mennonite and took off her white cap for school. However I don't remember her as particularly pious.

At this rest stop, I got a pre-made Ceasar Chicken Salad sandwich -- which was basically chicken with Ceasar dressing, romaine lettuce and tomato -- no anchovy. I always thought lettuce is lettuce, but I am ready to officially go on record to say I do not like romaine lettuce. Like much romaine lettuce I have eaten in the past, the piece on this sandwich was all spine -- it's just not something I enjoy eating.

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