Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hat and Glasses

Had my eyes checked today in advance of having my driver's license renewed and decided to go for a proper eye exam and not just the cursory DMV one. Everything was OK, and I did like this woman, especially since she said that buying my reading glasses at the drugstore was ok. I have a very slight astigmatism and she did demonstrate the difference between my reading glasses and what the lenses would be if I got a prescription pair. I could barely detect a difference.

However she did reprimand me for not routinely wearing sunglasses and a hat. I think that has to do with macular degeneration.

I only occasionally wear sunglasses, typically when I am driving, never in winter, and I never wear a hat. I look dopey as heck in a baseball cap so I'll have to keep my eye out for something suitable. If I can only find the right hat, I am quite sure I would look just like Audrey Hepburn (below).

As I was leaving she called to me, "PUT ON YOUR SUNGLASSES!!" I had already forgotten about it.

Since my eyes had been dilated, it was interesting to experience what my visually challenged friends experience. I was hailing a cab to go home. I was in the middle of the block, but I could only see for the rest of the block and then it was a blur and I couldn't really see cabs coming beyond that point.

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