Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home Again

Home again, and vacation is over. I felt like cleaning up the house was an endless project -- how much stuff accumulates only after one week. I had to put down a $250 security deposit, and I would give myself an A- for how I left the house. I stopped short of sweeping and vacuuming. All the linens were piled on top of the washing machine. The refrigerator was empty. All the garbage was outside in the can. The counters were all wiped.

The drive home was fairly easy. I was incredibly lucky with traffic. Even coming over the George Washington Bridge was smooth -- and how beautiful is the view from that bridge?

Anyway, I wasn't on vacation during a hurricane, although that might have been interesting so tomorrow it's back to the grind of paying bills and work.

I saw a station wagon loaded to the gills with a family, looking like they were coming back from a long stay at a beach house, and there's something iconic about it. Can't believe it's September tomorrow!