Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation Report -- first full day

Greetings from Slugville, where I am enjoying a total unwind -- well, it's not total yet, but I can feel it happening.

Nothing of particular interest to report on the drive down. My Google map instructions were perfect to follow until the last three miles, and then it was wild. I spent an hour going back and forth looking for a road that didn't exist. I finally called the people I'm renting the house from -- I really was about five minutes away. And they guided me in.

I later showed the woman the Google maps instructions and she said that they just don't make sense. That was really the first bad experience I've had, but it was frustrating.

So this place is a dump on the outside, but totally renovated on the inside with new kitchen, new bathroom. There is water on three sides -- the Potomac River on two and a tidal pool on the other. There was a full moon last night and it was beautiful. I always forget how many stars there are as we don't see them in Manhattan. I was also looking at this airplane and could see when it put on its landing lights... that's something you don't see either with all the urban ambient light.

There are birds and butterflies all around. I haven't seen a bald eagle yet, but I'm looking. It's all very peaceful. Was pouring when I left yesterday but got sunnier as I drove south. Today was a sunny, lovely day.

So tomorrow Mary comes.

My "duh" moment driving down here was I was looking at the panel and saw that the "average" was 35 mph. I thought that was impossible and it took me a long time to realize that is the gas mileage. I'm not used to these new-fangled cars. This is a Ford Edge, sort of like a hatchback, mini SUV.

The only thing I forgot (so far) is the cord that connects my camera to my computer so I'll take pictures but can't post them. My little memory card slot on this computer is broken but I will send some when I get home.

Vacation really is a wonderful thing.

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stefortiz said...

Sounds like a winner! ENJOY!