Saturday, December 17, 2016

Slip Sliding Away

My DC Christmas weekend was canceled. First Matt couldn't join us as he was helping friends going through a bad time, then Mary and Fran both got horrible colds. I was/am OK, but I was worried about the ice since I was driving. It was the kind of decision where you just had to beliee the Universe was telling you in every way possible to cancel.

As it turned out, it was a great decision. Everyone got to sleep, recuperate, and I didn't get involed in that 50-car (or so) pile up outside Baltimore. No way could I have walked on this ice... well, I could have walked on it but not for long.

Here are some photos from Mary's yard showing the ice today:

Mary always enjoys reading the Washington Post and drinking coffee, but today she was afraid to navigate her front steps to go get the paper which you can see in the orange bag.

I can definitely see myself doing a faceplant on Mary's deck. You park in her spot and then walk up a few steps and across the deck to her back door and I don't think I would have made it.

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