Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Just spent 40 minutes still trying to resolve my double charging for the car service on Thanksgiving which was the vedor's fault and I was promised it would be resolved that day -- the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Nothing happened; I called their customer service; nothing happened. I filed a complaint at their website; Got an auto-response that they're investigating. Nothing happened. Had procrastinated about calling again. But I did this afternoon; kept getting a busy signal at the customer service.

So I called Citibank and was bounced around to different people (around the sub-continent of India) to get precisely the right person after hearing all the scripts and giving all the magic security words and last four digits of every number I'm associated with. I'm stuck on hold and I get call waiting and it's Melissa who is in NY so I hung up. I was at the end of my rope anyway.

The problem was that I was given a choice of things to say, one of which was "recent transactions" so I said those two words. From that choice, the fork in the road led to "hear your recent transactions" and which months you wanted. I repeated "dispute transaction" which only re-upped the "recent transaction" prompts... and on and on and effing on.

So I hung up and talked to Melissa, called back and started the process over again. This time it wasn't that bad. I feel bad in a way for the last person who has to talk to me because I am full out crabby. There are three charges from that day -- two for one amount and a third for a different amount. One for one amount and one for the other amount is correct. The duplicate was is not.

You'd think that would be fairly easy to spot but it wasn't on this clerk's part... finally she got it, after repeating it a few (dozen it seemed) times while I tried to seethe in silence. Then there were all sorts of questions and that's it.

If this ever happens to me again, I am going straight to disputing the chaarge and not believing/trusting that the vendor will fix it. I believe, somewhat conspiratorially, that the vendor just hopes you get worn down and give up and they keep the extra money.

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