Sunday, December 25, 2016

My Christmas

I'd hired a car to take me to my sister's and I like to not be rushed so I go outside so I don't have to hurry when the car comes. As I'm sitting there a neighbor in the next building who I've known over the years comes by who I haven't seen in a while. She is an artist who calls herself Angry Woman, but she is not an angry woman -- maybe her art is. She asked if she could take my picture and I said yes, and then she sent it to me... so this was the eginning... and no, I don't have a new hairdo, the wind was blowing.

Here's their tree... my sister said they like them squatty.

This is Clark as we were opening presents. He likes to sit in the dog bed with Charlie (the dog) and I told them I would report this to Child Protective Services for making Clark sit in a dog bed, but of course, it's his choice.

I gave Mary this scarf/hat combo that is supposed to not flatten your hair, and Scott told her it looked like she was wearing a habib, which is sort of did.
Charlotte and Louisa got various make up items and here's Louisa applying it. What interested me is that as she did it Charlotte watched on her phone.
This is Clark in his room.

Ok, I get them mixed up but I have a 50/50 chance. I believe this is Oliver, the boy cat.

And this is Holly the girl cat.

And Charlie, definitely the boy dog, who speaks (seriousluy) "I love you" in that dog gutteral voice. Honestly.

Louisa wanted me to have photos of her room so here it is...

More Louisa's room...

Those aren't Christmas lights... she keeps them up all year and leaves them on like a nightlight.

So I had a nice day -- presents, lots of laughts, boeuf bourgignon over rice for dinner and for dessert a 4 layer devil's food cake that Scott made. Merry Christmas!



Barbara said...

Merry Christmas! Such cute kids, not to mention the cats and dog. Are you sure about which cat is which? Orange cats are usually male... but maybe this one is the exception.

Pat said...

You are right... I think I did get them mixed up... even when I posted this last night... all I know is one is Oliver and one is Holly and Louisa put the orange one in my lap to hold and I said something like I don't think this will last and the cat stayed about 10 seconds and Louisa told me that my feelings should not be hurt.