Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Milo's Adventure

Mary reports:

Milo has been a pretty laid back cat lately. His arthritis sometimes keeps him pretty sedentary. This afternoon I wanted some fresh air, and Fran was coming over, so I opened the door to the porch, then I barely opened the front door so it was just unlatched.  Milo was somewhere in the house. I sat on the couch for a few minutes and heard the wind kick up and the porch door shut. I went to open it and realized the front door had blown open. I looked around for Milo and didn't see him.  Looked on the porch and he wasn't there. The front door slammed shut. I was sort of panicked as I grabbed open the front door. There was Milo, walking up the steps toward me as if he does this all the time!  I don't know where he went but it couldn't have been far, and don't know why he came back so quickly but maybe he didn't like the wind.

He might be getting old, but he hasn't lost the wanderlust.

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