Saturday, October 29, 2016

Barb's Birthday Bash continues....

First a photo from last night's party. Mary had made little goody bags of party favors (and yes, we all made fools out of ourselves wearing little pointy birthday hats...) but our bags had those old-fashioned wax lips... If there were a caption contest for this photo, I'd say "Cool it with the collagen, ladies!"

Jn back, that's hostess Barb and Mary, bottom row Michelle and me.

So a few more people were added to the mix tonight and the menu was RIBS -- lots of them!!


Here's my plate without the ribs (ribs followed, of course)... all homemade: potato salad, corn salad, cole slaw, baked beans and corn muffins. It really was all fantastic.

Then we played charades and my team lost -- well, they were losing when I left so maybe they had a comeback. I had "OJ Simpson" which was hard and then "House of Cards" which was way easier. I guessed "Murder She Wrote" in record time so it was fun, but we hadn't played in so long and all us talkative New Yorkers et al aren't used to being silent so it was tought to not use language.
Anyway, home again safe and sound.

Goodbye forever, Donald.

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