Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Report from Ocean City

Mary says: It was nice this morning, a little overcast. We walked around the corner to a pancake place for breakfast, then to the beach. it's only a block from the house.  The beach has a sandbar that creates a neat lagoon during high tide and the kids have a ball with "skim boards" which are aptly name because they skim along the surface of very shallow water. They ride them like a cross between a surf board and a skate board.  We came inside because a storm is coming. For me it's a great day.

Meanwhile, back in DC, Fran was babysitting Milo... and Milo says:

So, go figure, Mary's cavorting at a beach house while I sit here on Fran's knee riding out a thundershower. Harumph.

And back to Ocean City, where there was also storms and Mary sent this post-storm photo taken from their kitchen window:

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