Friday, June 24, 2016

And Here's Scooter

Wisconsin Mary sent along this message about Scooter:

He's been my (and Denny's) companion for three years now. He is part border terrier, pug, beagle, and Yorkie...yes, quite a mix! He likes to go to northern Wisconsin, too, but lately there has been a large bear hanging around Denny's property outside of Rhinelander...emptied the cooler on his cabin porch of everything but the beer bottles (no opener, apparently) a couple of weeks ago, so Scooter has to stay in Oshkosh with me.

And, he has the honor that this photo was taken by famed aviation photographer Jim Koepnick .

He's a happy long as gets a big walk every day.

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Barbara said...

If this were a cute dog contest, Teddy wins because he is after all a puppy and nothing is cuter than a puppy, BUT... Marley and Scooter are in a close two-way tie for second place.