Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lightning Strkes Twice or It's a Small World After All

Two friends, one Barb, one Barbara, both of very long standing. Barbara is a former colleague from years ago. Barb is Mary's former colleague as well, and my friend.

This morning I got this from Barbara:

When looking at the pictures of Barb's cute puppy Teddy, I can't help but think of my beloved cat Teddy, who was the greatest cat in the world (picture is from 2008).  Is it more than a coincidence that you have 2 friends named Barb(ara) who have/had pets named Teddy?

I asked Barb if Teddy the cat was also named after the teddy bear, and here's her response:
No, actually here is the story of the origin of his name.  I had wanted an orange cat, but when I got him it turned out that he really wasn't orange, and we joked that it was more like Strawberry Blonde.  Bob's mother had had that hair color, and her name was Dorothy, so therefore we decided to name him after her by using the male equivalent name Theodore.  Theodore lasted for about a day but quickly morphed into Teddy.
Funny though, he really did live up to the stuffed bear name.  He  would curl up in my arms in bed to sleep, just like a Teddy bear.  I've never known or  heard of any other cat that liked to do that.

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