Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Anxiety Dream

I don't think I'm any more full of anxiety yesterday or last night, but I had a whopper of an anxiety dream which now makes me laugh.

I was meeting Mary at 9:30 at a place outside. I was in a hotel room, sharing it with someone who shall remain nameless who I don't particularly like, nothing serious, just not my first (or second, third, or twenty-seventh) choice of a roommate. Clothes are scattered all over the room (my clothes) and I'm trying to put an outfit together. Can't make anything work... either it doesn't "go" or doesn't fit or something and the time is passing and I see it's already 9:30 and Mary will be standing there waiting and I can't contact her. Evidently no cellphones in this dream.

So finally I get an OK outfit and go to leave (and I even kissed my roommate on the cheek goodbye since I'm such a fine fellow) when I realize I don't have shoes on and Mary and I were going to go to a restaurant and I can't go in a restaurant without shoes, so back to this messy room and trying to find a pair of shoes, all these scattered, unmatched shoes, some don't fit and finally get shoes on and it's out the door to my car.

Oh, but the anxiety continues. I realize it's valet parking and I don't have the ticket for the car. Nobody ever gave me one and this place has lots in all different locations (of course it does; it's an ansiety dream~!) I get the attention of the valet man and tell him I don't have the ticket and he asks me to describe the car. The car is a rental, and I can't remember what it looks like. I say to him, "It may be a white Camry.." I don't know where my brain came up with that one.

One interjection here in real life: That actually happened to me one year in Oshkosh where I had landed in Milwaukee, drove straight to the show, parked in public parking and then couldn't remember precisely where I had parked or WHAT MY CAR LOOKED LIKE. I had the keys which had the license plate, but no other description... I did eventually find it.

Back to the dream... I get on this shuttle bus filled with other people and the valet man is driving us around to the differet lots and people are getting off and getting to their cars (Hey, I thought this was supposed to be valet parking! I guess it was semi-valet)... I'm the last one on the bus and never saw my car. In fact, I didn't evem know really what I was looking for. And now, it's 10 minutes to 10 and surely Mary has been waiting and I'm not even close to meeting her. I remember thinking in the dream that Mary would wait for me... but for how long?

I guess all that anxiety got to be a bit much and I woke up. There's the one or two seconds of being awake where you think it's real, and then that surge of relief that I don't have to go hunting for an unknown rental car while Mary taps her foot and looks at her watch.


Mary said...

It's OK, I was late because my alarm clock was in the kitchen and when I went to get it, there was water all over and I thought'oh no, Milo can:t swim" but then I saw he had a little boat and was sailing down the basement stairs but it really wasn't the basement it was my high school cafeteria and Fran was yelling "you're supposed to meet Pat but your shirt is on backwards" so I went to the movies.

Pat said...

That made me laugh... how in dreams saying something like "It was the house where I grew up in but it was really a greenhouse where French people worked..." Always makes sense at the time!

My two most common anxiety dreams are 1. the one where I haven't gone to class (high school) and don't know my schedule and can't for the life of me remember "why" I didn't go to class. 2. On the way to the airport for an international trip and realizing that my passport is expired... again, I am stumped "why" I hadn't checked it before then.