Sunday, April 3, 2016

Just Checking In

Lazy weekend of puttering around. I devoted way too much time sitting here, with junk TV, playing a computer game. Did a bit of work-work... watched various crime documentaries -- missing person and murder type things. Spring has gone away. The wind is so strong that I can actually hear it. When I can hear weather through the 100-year old brick walls of my apartment, I know it's something. The week ahead continues this dreary spring... can't wait for the warm weather... and no, I won't complain about the heat!

Oh, I am enjoying the Fannie Flagg book... have about 100 pages or so more to go. I would never have gotten this book had it not been recommended. She's really a good writer -- about a step or two above "beach book" standard.


Barbara said...

I clicked on your blog again just to see that cute picture of Milo again.

Pat said...

This is actually Milo's blog. I just work for him.

Mary said...

He's very proud of that