Thursday, April 28, 2016

Foods that don't have to be refrigerated

Every so often -- a few times a day -- I get suckered into clicking on the headline promising an intriguing payoff. Earlier today I did click on to see the "bizarre reason" the JetBlue pilot gave for his alcohol reading. (He claimed it was the gum he was chewing which makes no sense -- at least to me._)

I just clicked on 6 foods that don't have to be refrigerated... I always wondered about mustard, but that wasn't on the list so maybe it should be refrigerated. Here is the list:

ketchup -- I don't really have it, but I would put it in the fridge
maple syrup - Never occurred to me to refrigerate it
peanut butter --Would make it too hard to spread
jams and jellies-- yes I do refrigerate it once it's opened, but supposedly you don't have to
barbecue sauce -- dont have it, but like ketchup I would put it in once it's opened
butter - the article says this is the one that surprises people. Of course I put butter in the refrigerator but this article says you should keep it in an "opaque butter dish."


Barbara said...

When I was a kid, the butter lived in a butter dish on the kitchen table 24/7. I find the idea gross now, but I must say it made buttering toast easier.

Amy Laboda said...

It is just too warm in my house for butter to stay remotely solid outside the fridge. One other one:in Europe they don't refrigerate eggs.