Friday, March 4, 2016

Yes, Tartufo is a "thing"

Mary and Fran's dinner report:

Fran and I had a delightful dinner tonight in one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, a lovely little Italian place called Tartufo.  We had this yummy appetizer of crostini with blue cheese and peaches that was warm. Mmmm.  Then we each had pastas, mine was a pasta with peppers and artichokes and shrimp.  I forget what Fran's was but she said to the owner "I'm trying to decide between pasta A and pasta B" and he said "why don't we give you half and half?" or something like that so she got a sampler plate!  But this was the delightful part we shared for dessert - a Tartufo, a ball of ice cream, vanilla in the middle, chocolate around that, rolled in this hazelnut coating that was soooo good!  We went home very happy.
Before I saw this email, I was talking on the phone with Mary and when she got to dessert, I said, "Oh I love tartufo" and I could tell she was suprised. She said, "I didn't know tartufo was a thing" and I said yes. But the tartufo I've had has usually had a smooth coating of chocolate on the outside, then it's cut into four pieces and typically there is either a cherry or a pistachio nut in the center. Really good! Mary's looks really good too.


Fran said...

It was yummy...the cocoa/hazelnut coating was the perfect complement for the creamy chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
FYI, the Italian word 'tartufo" means "truffle." It's also the name of this wonderful restaurant.

Mary Jones said...

I >LOVE< Tartufo!

I had first in Germany while I was attending AERO Friedrichshafen the first time and have had it every time I've gone back and other European trips, too. It is so delicious! Your post brought back lots of good memories ... spargel (white asparagus) soup, tartufo, and wine in Germany.