Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Twitter Friend Passes Over

I don't know how I started following this woman on Twitter... Muriel who was 97 years old, lived on the Upper West Side, was totally opinionated, liberal New Yorker whose mother was a suffragist and she was funny and wise, and I really grew to admire her. Never met her. Never heard her voice (at least the one that came from her body), I would often pass along some of her Tweets to friends.

So when I went on Twiter just now, my heart broke to read this:

Muriel B @QuiltingMuriel 3 hours ago
Hi, this is Muriel's Young Friend. I am heartbroken to say Muriel passed away yesterday. Peacefully, in her sleep

I thought she'd live forever... or at least make it to 100. I'm glad she didn't suffer, and was able to die in her own home, but I will really miss her. So sad.

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Mary said...

That is sad, I've enjoyed reading the ones you shared.