Sunday, March 13, 2016

Escape from Opryland

Man, I made my getaway. I had called the concierge about precise directions to the lobby, which I repeated back to her in my teutonic way. Oh yes.... well, it was Oh no. She had me on two elevators, two levels.. when it was three elevators, three levels... went two long hallways out of my way which didn't please me, but I had this really nice bellman waiting for me in the lobby -- also held the door so I didn't have to do the revolving door even though it was one of those big ones, but it scared me.

I almost made a damn fool out of myself. They had my car keys; they used it to open the back and put my luggage in and then handed them to me (and I was sitting in the driver's seat).  My car key was a key, and what they handed me was one of those key fobs or so I thought. I tooted my horn to no avail. I thought they gave me the wrong keys.  In my defense, I rented from Budget, but these keys had a "buy Avis" used car tag on it... and I thought it opened my trunk because so many of the keys are interchangeable. But what I realized is that the key comes out of the fob thing, like a swiss army knife... and away I went... giving the finger to the Opryland (really) as I drove off.

Now I'm in VA, headed tomorrow to Allentown PA and then home in two hours on Tues morning. I always think I should have driven straight through until I am thrilled to be able to stop in Allentown and get organized and rested.

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Melissa said...

Yay! Another one bites the dust! Travel safe, and don't rush! What's the point really?