Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Afternoon

Semi-lazy day. Slept late. Finished my laundry. Did some work-work. Did a bit of decluttering. No snow, but it's a dreary day.

As I decided to crawl back in bed this morning after a trip to the bathroom, I thought of Mary and joked to myself that Mary had already read for the blind people, gone to brunch and weeded her yard and I'm going back to sleep. Wasn't too far off.

Mary writes:

 I took these today at lunch down by the waterfront and thought I'd share them with you. I'd never been down there, although I've been close. In general, we're looking at the Potomac. The National stadium is to the right, out of sight.  The old Navy Yard and its ships are to the left aways.  It's a very pleasant area, kind of tucked behind construction sites, parking lots and office buildings.  The restaurant is Osteria Morini and the food was wonderful. We even shared a bottle of prosecco which came with two small bottles of juice (we picked orange and cranberry.)

PS from Pat... this looks like a great place to be on a warm sunny day... today, not so much.

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Mary said...

I made a stupid mistake in this note. We were by the ANACOSTIA River, not the Potomac. I should know better since we paddle in the Anacostia. The two rivers meet in the southwest part of DC.