Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Two Quickies

So far so good on Calamity Jane. I'm up to her mid-20s when she moved to Deadwood. Very hard, very sad life so far. Both parents (who were not wonderful) died by the time she was 12 and she was left in charge (as oldest) of her siblings. No way to support herself.

Then, on a totally different topic, I had Marilyn buy me my 2016 "Month at a Glance" calendar. This is a format I like, and yes, I still like a paper calendar. So this is the barebones, industrial style, spiral-bound... and I warned her that it was going to be $10 at Staples. I remember being stunned by the price last year.

She returned and asked a bit meekly, "How much did you think the calendar was going to be?" Turns out it was $20. She thought it might be mismarked so she brought three of them up to the register to check, but no, it was $20. Really a rip off, but I will amortize the cost psychologically over a 12 month period.

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