Friday, November 6, 2015

Fighting for My Bargain

Wanted to buy a pair of slippers/house shoes and I received an email giving 30% off at a site I shop at. I "activated" the coupon via the email, went to the site, picked out my slippers... but in the meantime, I got a pop up saying "give us your email and we'll give you a 40% discount."

Well, 40% is better than 30% so at check out, I deactivated the 30% coupon, put in the code for the 40% coupon and that's where my troubles began. Of course the 40% was for first-timers only (although it didn't say so when it asked for my email) and I went back and forth trying to get my 30% discount back. Didn't happen. After emptying the cart a few times etc. I called the 800# for "online help."

Had to wait... is every frigging call center "experiencing an unusual call volume?" So I wait and wait, finally get a woman who I knew was not really paying attention to what I was saying and treated me like I was an amateur at online shopping. (Oh, how wrong she is!) She had me do all the things I tried and finally the lightbulb went off and she said I have to go delete all my cookies. Well, I don't want to do that because then every password, account, etc often must be re-entered.

So after a good 15 minutes of fiddling, along with my wait. I said, "Is there any other solution?" And she said, "You can place the order by phone" and I said, "Do I get the 30%?" and she said, "Yes, I can take your order now."

So that took about 10 seconds since she had my shopping bag on her screen. So I got a $50 pair of slippers, reduced some percentage to start, then my 30% and with shipping, tax, etc, it's just over $20. So I am happy once again!

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