Friday, November 13, 2015

Small Moral Dilemma

 I ordered a set of 8 plastic envelopes -- legal paper size -- from a catalog to organize some paperwork.

I really liked them when they arrived... the clear (heavy) plastic envelope closes with a flap that has a snap of either side. I took one of the envelopes, unsnapped it, put some papers in, snapped it closed, then opened it to take a paper out. On the fourth snap, one-half of the snap fell off and it can't be fixed.

I wrote an email in the "contact us" form at the catalog website calmly explaining what had happened. I didn't want to just leave a bad review because when I went to read the reviews, they were all glowing about these envelopes. That was yesterday.

Today I got a form email saying essentially tell us if you want a refund or a replacement.

My dilemma was that this only happened to one envelope so I didn't think a full refund was right. Of course I hadn't opened and closed all 8 envelopes yet.

Marilyn was here this morning and without hesitation she said "get the refund" and said that I didn't know how many others would be bad. Which is true.

But I can't help but feel I am not entirely deserving of a 100% refund. I can tell myself that they have imnpressed me with the resolution and I will continue to be a customer... the full price was $14.95.

What would you have done?


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Mary said...

Since you couldn't buy on of them, you can't get a refund for one. They're a set so you have a defective set and I think you should get a refund. Besides, they made the offer