Friday, November 6, 2015

Summer Meets Fall

We're having a late Indian Summer today -- it could get as high as 75 degrees today. Barbara came for lunch and we ordered from Gracie's. When it came time to place the order, Barbara readily announced that she wanted a BLT on rye toast with mayo. I looked at her and said, "I don't know what I want." She said, "You want a grilled cheese with bacon."

She was right. I told her that's the great thing with old friends. They know better sometimes what you want than you do. So we had a nice lunch, talking about all sorts of things... oh yes, we also got our "well-done fries" to share, discussing ketchup ettiquette about a shared order of fries.

It was weird planning our next lunch for December -- our annual Christmas lunch! when we were both sitting there with the garden door open, dressed in short sleaves.

At this point she was getting slightly annoyed with my repeated photo taking, but I wasn't happy with the ones I had... so unlike the old-fashioned cameras with film days!

After she left, I went outside and took a photo of the last gasp of summer. For all we know, it will be in the 40s in two days... so here's the last brave little Morning Glory.

Meanwhile, down south in DC, Mary is having an 80 degree day. She writes:

Just enough wind today to bring down loads of leaves. I swept the steps and walk, but left them on the garden.  My burning bushes (euonymous) in front are at two very different stages.  The one on the right that's getting very red gets more sun so maybe that's why the one right next to it is still green.

It's going to 80 today and it feels warmer than that in the sun already.

With these photos:

Leaves everywhere!

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