Thursday, August 20, 2015

Where did the week go?

I don't know why some weeks speed by, like this one... and I don't have much to report. Yesterday I tackled three procrastination items:

1. I signed up for the Medicare supplemental plans which you'd have to be a genius to understand. There is no way any average person could grasp all the nuances and ins and outs of these plans, but I had a helpful person and think I chose correctly.
2. I made out a new check to pay for my apartment maintenance since the first check never arrived and I got a letter I was in arrears. Rather than calling the management company, which I thought would just annoy me, and my only motivation would be to plead that I'm not a deadbeat. So I just wrote a new check to mail today. However, first thing this morning, I got a routine email from Citibank saying this check had cleared (I get alerts when a check I write clears.) So luckily I didn't mail the second one.
3. I did more research over this "found money" that I got a notice about... I can't even go into the dozens of frustrating phone calls, phone trees, unreturned calls etc about this money and I am now about 95% sure that I already rolled this money over into my SEP. I got this really helpful person who really went the extra mile for me.

Now that I write these out, it doesn't seem like much, but these are the things I berate myself about when I get up at night to go to the bathroom. Somehow they all seem more serious at 3 am than they do in the morning. Mary had written me how she had tackled her procrastination items so it motivated me to tackle my own.

So our mini-heatwave is passed, hallelujah... but we're waiting for rain.

And, from Fran, she sends this along:

Spotted Mr. Bunny on Albemarle Street today. Thought he was a statue, then he twitched and moved.

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Barbara said...

You're a rabbit blogger too.