Sunday, August 30, 2015

Guilty Pleasure TV

There's a show on soon which I really enjoy watching called "Catch a Contractor." It's a reality show on Spike TV (which I think is for young men) and Adam Corolla and this other experienced contractor get a family who have been totally screwed by a contractor. These are situations where middle class people have paid thousands of dollars and been left with crappy, unfinished, unsafe work.

So the guys use a private investigator, set up a sting to lure the bad contractor on the premise they need a quote for a job... and once he's in the "sting house," they confront him. I don't typically like gotcha things like this, always end up feeling sorry for the guy, but not in this case.

So the contractor is given the choice to pay back the money, redo the work, or get sued. So far they have always chosen to redo the work, with experienced contractors helping.

Last week there was a line that I swear made me giggle, and I laughed at it all week. They were showing the dumb contractor (and he really was dumb as a box of rocks) a blueprint they'd made and asked him sarcastically if he'd ever seen a blueprint... the contractor looked at the blueprint and Adam said, "You remind me of a pigeon looking at a Rubik's cube." I don't know why that struck me as so funny, but it did.

Other than that, it was a beautiful weekend with my AC on and off all weekend because it just wasn't that hot. That's suposed to change and I just heard a few minutes ago that it has started raining which is good. That means I don't have to hobble out to water the garden.

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