Sunday, August 16, 2015

Saturday with the Family

Rented a car and drove out to Long Island... first I took a sentimental journey looking at old haunts, which mostly didn't exist any more or were gated and locked up. I kept thinking of that line, :"You can't go home again."

But then it was to my sister's house where we talked, then looked at hundreds of photographs and scrapbooks, followed by Chinese food, followed by a game of Tabu (Charlotte and I won) and then ice cream. Bad thing was I left too late to turn the car back in so I'll pay for it (literally) tomorrow, including overnight parking. Just lost track of time.

So on with the photos:

This is Charlie, a rescue dog, who barks but also talks. He's also a great licker. That was my welcome as I sat there and he licked my hands.
Louisa with the Christmas rescue kitty which has grown. This is Holly who is pretty skittish. Only wants to be touched by certain people, not me, and when I touched her paw, she made it clear I was not to do that again.

Clark with the other Christmas rescue kitty named Oliver. This one is more friendly. Also, when I went to use the (ahem) powder room, I had left the door partly open because it was in an empty part of the house and I look up from my seated position to see Oliver staring at me. Turns out he likes to watch people use the toilet, and I was no exception. 

Me and the twins, Louisa and Clark

Me and Charlotte who will be going into 11th grade... she took part in a summer program for three weeks at Woods Hole (marine biology place in Mass) since she wants to be a marine biologist.

Louisa reading a letter to us that she got from a friend at summer camp about hauntings and ghosts and the camp.

And one last photo of Charlotte.


Melissa said...

I love your family... the rescue animals, the sweet and ambitious kids, and especially the smiles on your face when you are with them. they are lucky to have Aunt Pat to share her wisdom with them ��

Barbara said...

Those kids are so cute, and the dog seems quite nice, but Holly and Oliver are the winners of the day! (Of course I would say that.) Anyway it is understandable how you lost track of time.