Saturday, August 22, 2015

What I'm Reading

I do remember why and how I bought this book. Fran had given me a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card one year at Christmas which I put aside, somehow "saving" it for something. Fast forward to June and I unearthed the card by accident and thought it was high time to spend it. It turned out for the best as B&N was having this amazing on line sale where hundreds of paperbacks were reduced to one or two dollars. I think I ended up getting six books, plus free shipping. I love a deal!

So I had just seen a program on 20/20 or Dateline about this group of MIT students who had a system for winning in Vegas. Quite interesting and so this was one of my picks. And there it sat on the bookshelf...Now I've picked it up and am finally enjoying it. Thanks, Fran!


Fran said...

You are most welcome. Now that you know the system, when do we leave for Vegas?

Pat said...

Sorry, but I'm mathematically challenged. These guys would memorize entire statistical charts. Maybe in my next life I'll be a math whiz.