Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Saw on Sunday


This is way back in Ohio, about 15 minutes from where I spent the night, and I appreciate the personal direction.
The day started out sunny and warm.

I had noticed one of those brown highway signs for historic things and one said "Brookville Historic District" so I figured I should take a look and this is the beginning. This is in Pennsylvania.

Turned out to be 263 bulldings (I checked Wikepedia) that are both residential and commercial. Almost like an old town that somehow didn't get razed in the name of progress.

This is the downtown section which are all old building -- you don't see parking like this much anymore.

Just another one of the buildings. This one looked really old.

This is in a store/gas station type place in the restroom. Of course, I have to read every sign. What's with the "store leader?" We don't have managers any more? I notice more and more that people are saying "team" instead of "department" so maybe this is part of that. Some HR genius decided a leader is better than a manager.

And here's the button you push to summon the store leader. So then I was headed back to the highway where I saw another sign, not commercial, but like a municipat sign with an arrow to the "Moonlite Drive In" -- it was only 3/4 mile so I thought I should check it out.

It appears to still be open... I thought drive ins were supposed to be cheap -- that you paid by the car. I have great memories of going to drive ins as a child -- that was the height of the drive in craze -- I did google this one, and it's been in constant operation since 1952.

I totally forgot about thiat -- that when you drove in, you turned off your car headlights.

You can see there's
dirt road, an open field. There are no sound systems -- that's how I remember it -- that you hooked some speaker up to the car, but this doesn't have any.
So now I'm in Allentown on a foggy, misty night. If all goes well, I'll be home safe and sound by lunch tomorrow.

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