Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Again Monday

Uneventful trip home. All is well. It will be great to sleep in my own bed tonight and wake up without pressure tomorrow. Warm, but misty rainy here. All is well.

Since I complain about customer service, I should do the opposite and praise the woman at the Dollar counter I use. She was very friendly to me when I got the car last week, said she hadn't seen me in a while. When you return a car, you have to drive it through this very narrow opening that was built probably in the 1920s, if not earlier, when cars were way smaller and down this steep ramp which I've complained about before. I was told that returning customers often won't drive it down there, not because of the steep uphill trek out of there, but they are afraid to go through such a narrow opening without scratching the car.

So I was planning to do it, to drive it down there, but then it was so tempting to not. I left the car on the street and went in and told Michelle (I had asked her name last week) and she said something like don't worry, just sit down and rest. Yes, my kind of woman. She goes running out to drive the car down there and meanwhile I got out $5 to tip her which she refused to take. She really refused, not just put up a little bitty fight about it.

What I didn't know is that her boss had called when she was gone wanting to know where she was, why the phone wasn't answered and she said something like I had to take care of MY customer -- like I was her special customer. I told her how much I like the Altima, which I really do, and she said she'll make sure I get one every time.

There are so many crappy, disinterested clerks you encounter when you  travel that it's such a nice surprise to find someone who really gets what it means to be of service. I did send a twitter to Dollar about her. (OK, selfishly I confess I wanted Michelle to see I appreciated her so that the good service will continue.)

Welcome home to me.

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Mary Mc said...

Service like that always puts me in a good mood