Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Judy!

Happy Birthday to Mary's sister Judy, and here are

Five Things I Like about


1. She produced four smart, funny and kind children who contribute to society. Not a bad one in the bunch. I was thinking this means, as a parent, she made thousands of correct decisions. Maybe Rob had something to do with this, but if moms always get blamed, moms should also get credit too.

2. Despite some scary health challenges, she always maintained her cheerfulness and humor.

3. Just like me, she has low-class taste in reality television so we can talk for hours about the various housewives, drama, which folks we like and which we don't and who said what to whom.

4. She has always made me feel welcome in her home and a member of her family.

5. What's odd is that Judy and I have so much more in common that Mary and I so together I get the best of both worlds. Oh wait, that's about me, not Judy. I would say Judy is just a funny, sweet -- just the salt of the earth person. What's not to like?

Happy Birthday, Judy!


Barbara said...

Happy birthday, Judy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Judy...all the best.